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Or So It Seems by Paul Steven Stone

A provocative and profound meditation on love, passion, and life…

Set in the Greater Boston area, Stone’s latest novel takes readers on one man’s exhilarating journey as he seeks spiritual salvation and meaning in life. Earlier in his life, Paul Peterson was part of The Seekers for Truth – a school devoted to self-development. His approach to the world is heavily influenced by his mystical and spiritual beliefs; this ultimately leads him down a path of bizarre and hilarious confusion. The novel follows Peterson’s self-reflection journey, where he time travels with the help of a Hindu Holy Man known as The Bapucharya. Set up like a self-help workshop for its characters, the story is suffused with matters of sex, intellectual quandaries, spiritual meditations, hilarious anecdotes, and unresolved bitterness. Stone writes with tenderness and empathy for his characters, particularly Paul, who just so happens to be a flawed individual: though he does make mistakes, he is able to carry on with his voyage through life in the best way possible. Readers will find themselves rooting for him as he deals with life’s obstacles. Lively and endearing, Bapucharya is equally compelling. The novel progresses steadily yet languidly. The characters in this novel are all marching towards a fateful conclusion. But the book is such a gradual build that the questions it poses take a backseat to the people facing them. Those who persevere in reading will be exposed to poignant moments of small joys and genuine emotions along with the quirky cast. Complex, well-realized, and engrossing.

Or So It Seems

Paul Steven Stone

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Blind Elephant Press

Pub date February 14, 2019


Price $20.00 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle Unlimited

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