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The Surge by Monica Abbott

Intriguing and thoroughly engaging…

Abbott blends hard science with faith and ancient history to deliver an intriguing SF tale. Baghdad, Iraq 2003. Operation Iraqi Freedom is in full swing. Major George Hahn unearths an ancient mausoleum while leading a group of U.S. Special Forces to the Babylon Museum. He delivers it to a team of research scientists working in an underground facility. Two decades later, a planned event at the facility brings super soldiers to life and releases them from subterranean abodes, initiating rewriting of human DNA.  The story is full of palpable tension and plot twists. The otherworldly goings-on are grounded in Rayner’s family drama, adding intriguing nuances to the narrative. Abbott is also adept at characterization—Rayner and Gideon truly sound like first cousins in their interpersonal interactions, making it easy for readers to be invested in their ongoing stories and root for them. An absorbing side survival story involving the cousins and their families enriches the narrative and serves to introduce several well-developed supporting characters like Danielle, Brandon, Jarred, Patricia, and the adorable Lucy. A winner.

The Surge

Monica Abbott

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Pub date December 31, 2022

ISBN 979-8372106116

Price $11.99 (USD) Paperback,

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