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The Night the Stars Went Missing by Arthur J. Gonzalez

Refreshing, beautiful, and meaningful; A stunner.

A young boy learns he can change the world one small step at a time in Gonzalez’s whimsical and winning picture book. Winston loves watching the stars glimmering across the night sky. But one day the stars go missing. Determined to find out what really happened, Winston begins to look into the matter. His quest takes him to the clouds, and he makes a shocking discovery: watching the planet Earth being destroyed by humans, the stars went into hiding. It’s up to Winston now to bring them back. Gonzalez explores a heavy theme; eco-awareness, in a simple, straightforward manner. Youngsters will find it easy to understand the child-appropriate, simple prose and relate to the vivid, personality-laden illustrations in a profoundly personal way. Swarming with details, the whimsical spreads, particularly the one that shows Winston taking on several eco-friendly initiatives, will spark the young imagination: it will inspire readers to apply their own understanding and ideas to the subject of environmental preservation. A sweet, understated story that makes for a must-read.

The Night the Stars Went Missing

Arthur J. Gonzalez

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Hello, Wonderworld

Pub date October 31, 2023


Price $14.99 (USD) Kindle edition

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