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Never Ignore Monica! By Jim Lively

A dark, deeply unsettling supernatural thriller…  

A sinister presence forces a brilliant attorney to embrace his inner darkness in Lively’s gripping latest. As a young child and an adolescent, Simon Steed has known there’s something inside him that, when provoked, could bring chaos in the lives of those he abhors. During college, he meets lovely Monica and forms a close bond with her. But Monica disappears. The news of her suicide reaches Simon, and the girl in the news is not the Monica he knows. Simon is an interesting character. His desire to avenge those who have wronged him drives the narrative in the first half. In the second half, it’s him against the darkness. Lively deftly tells the story mainly in the third-person omniscient perspective that alternates with Simon’s brief inner monologue, who (like the reader) is clueless about the reason behind the strange happenings around him. The explanations are frighteningly vague until the book’s shattering finale puts matters into clearer focus, leaving Simon horrified. A page-turning thriller with a touch of otherworldly.   

Never Ignore Monica!

Jim Lively

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