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MOSAIC CAVERNS (The Vivarium Chronicles Book 1) by Christopher Zyck 

An original and intricate tale of adventure, folklore, and archeological quest…

Two archeologists make a shocking discovery while excavating an ancient empire in Zyck’s original, intriguing series kicker in the Vivarium Chronicles series. 2005. Colombia is in chaos. The country is rocking with violence, courtesy of drug cartels determined to keep their drug trade afloat as the US Green Berets step up to take active part in fighting and eliminate the cocaine trade and with it the cartels who run it. The archaeologists, Catherine and Jürgen, are heading a team from the American Archaeologist Society to excavate Inca Empire tribal artifacts and arrive in Colombia. As they begin their excavation, they discover the unthinkable: an ancient power might be behind most of the chaos plaguing the nation. Will their investigation be able to unravel the motive behind the conquests, destruction, and exploitation of the ongoing war? Zyck blends folklore, mythology, an intriguing archeological quest, intense socio-political conflict, and actual historical events to deliver an intriguing story. In addition to being superbly paced and plot-driven, the book features a fully fleshed-out cast. “Giving” is the word that never gets old in the sensitive and magnanimous Catherine’s dictionary. The driven and spirited Jürgen’s sarcastic and often cynical take on existence makes him an endearing counterpart to Catherine. The sweet Zoe, the curious and passionate Victor, Ikel, and Viera, and the greedy, malevolent Riverstrike, they all come alive on the pages. Featuring detailed depictions of the ancient civilization and its religious practices, Zyck’s assured prose goes in heavy with an exploration of metaphysical while delving into complex themes of democracy, religion, the nature of blind faith and how it affects not only those who exhibit it but also the ones around, mental illness, hierarchy, discrimination, destruction, freedom, transcendence, and what it means to live in the moment and being present emotionally. Intriguing storyline and a winding central conflict captivate. The first-person narration jumps between the two main characters, delving deeper into the characters’ individual stories. Catherine’s relationship with Zoe is endearing, and her chemistry with Jürgen adds to the intrigue. This complex story spans centuries, traveling to far-reaching corners of a richly imagined ancient world and dipping into the mind of an all-powerful ancient entity. Even though the story’s later descent into the metaphysical becomes a bit heavy and some obvious plot twists distract, this is overall a mind-expanding must-read. Lovers of sociology, political science, archeology, and historical thrillers will want to take a look.

(The Vivarium Chronicles Book 1)
Christopher Zyck (Author), Susans Art (Illustrator)

C J Z Media Island

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Pub date July 12, 2023
ISBN 979-8986892887
Price $23.99 (USD) Hardcover, $8.99 Paperback, $0.00 Kindle Unlimited

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