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The Arcadian Match (Rising World) by Anne Mortensen

Fascinating and intriguing; a cinematic reading experience.

A Q-score mastermind gets caught up in a sinister conspiracy of national consequences in Mortensen’s gripping latest in the Rising World series. 2032. Sweden is the very first crime free, eco-ideal nation. In a world where Q-scores can make or break a person, Christian Karlsson, a social media genius, never fails to deliver. When his best friend dies tragically, Christian’s quest for justice puts him face to face with the country’s oldest social club. He must play and win a real-life game, The Arcadian Match, or risk losing everything he loves. Even though this is the second installment in the series, this gripping story stands completely on its own. Christian is an honest, open protagonist, who easily draws readers in to empathize with his struggles. Other characters, including Kelly, by contrast, don’t get as much space in the story but they intrigue nonetheless. The utopian Swedish setting is splendid and well realized, making it easy to become fully immersed in Christian’s journey, and a quick-moving plot keeps readers guessing. Christian’s work as a Q-score influencer adds just as much tension to the story as his investigation into the wrongdoings on the part of the Landström Society, and the Arcadian showdown between him and Viktor will keep readers invested. Equal parts high tension thriller and unnerving dystopian story, this layered tale utilizes a spectacular array of social media elements and components of SF and techno-thriller to explore complex themes of political power play, oppression, pedigree, freedom, the power of social media, the impact of hearsay, and the consequences of unchecked power. Lovers of fast-paced, well-crafted SF thrillers should snatch it up.

The Arcadian Match
(Rising World #2)
Anne Mortensen

Puente Press
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Pub date June 20, 2023
ISBN ‎ 979-8223234630
Price $19.99 (USD) Paperback

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