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Life at the Precipice by R. F. Vincent

Mesmerizing, brilliant, Gripping work…

Struggling with PTSD after a failed rescue mission, Travis Sivart, an Air Force officer, comes across a newspaper that supposedly came from Pyrite Ridge, an isolated town perched on the precipice of abyss after geological phenomena cut it off from the world. Intrigued, Travis sets out to locate the town and stumbles upon the community, now known as The Segway, inhabited by a few people. As he begins to look into the town’s history, his own personal demons begin to unravel. Vincent’s prose is alive with wit, verve, and an expensive feel for the characters. The cast he creates is tremendously endearing, and their interpersonal dynamic is rooted in reality. Readers will stay glued to the pages as Travis begins his investigation. However, the real story of this novel is not Travis’s search for answers to the mystery of the town, but how an unexpected, tragic event affects a person’s life, damaging them, and leaving a mark in its wake, but what they allow this mark to become is in their own hands. A stunner.

Life at the Precipice

R. F. Vincent

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