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Killer Motives: A Hudson Valley Mystery (Hudson Valley Series) by Dr. Bonnie L. Traymore

A twisty, dark whodunit…

Infidelity and murder turn a married couple’s life upside down in Traymore’s stellar first installment in the Hudson Valley Mystery series. Victoria is still reeling from the devastating discovery that her husband Nick is cheating on her. When homicide detectives Jack Stark and Lexi Sanchez land at her front door, inquiring about Nick’s lover’s murder, Victoria realizes she is also under suspicion. Determined to clear her name, Victoria begins her own investigation into the murder and unravels a shocking secret. Traymore’s swift narrative places readers right in the middle of the quaint village of Tarrytown. The historically detailed setting of the Sleepy Hollow area adds to the authenticity while relentless twists avoid predictability. The story is ripe both with anticipation and emotion. Police investigation drives the plot, but it’s the human drama at the center of Victoria and Nick’s marriage that makes this book worth spending time with. Full of reflections on marriage, relationships, faith, and infidelity, this page-turning mystery makes for a must-read.

Killer Motives: A Hudson Valley Mystery

(Hudson Valley Series) 

Dr. Bonnie L. Traymore

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Palmetto Publishing

Pub date April 15, 2022

ISBN 978-1685159085

Price $12.99 (USD) Paperback, $2.99 Kindle

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