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The Sum of All Things by Nicole Brooks

the sum of all things


Evocative and intense…

Brooks scores another win with this moving novel that examines the gender dynamics that have played across the world for centuries. Wren, a homeless addict and a broken woman, has talked to ghosts all her life. Alex, a highly ambitious career woman, has always followed norms of the business world but as she approaches fifty, she suddenly realizes she doesn’t want to be contained within boundaries anymore. Circumstances bring the two women together and force them to find the meaning of their existence. Equal parts engrossing and moving, the novel explores various sensitive themes like gender dynamics, violence on women, drug abuse, and homelessness. In today’s era of “Me too” movement, Wren and Alex’s stories’ relevance is undeniable. Laced with strong emotion, fine writing, and a touch of paranormal, Brooks’s novel is both absorbing and satisfying.


The Sum of All Things

by Nicole Brooks

Erid Press Inc.

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PUB DATE September 14, 2019


PRICE $5.97 (USD)


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