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Elvia and the Gift of Passion: Tales by Moons-Light #3 by Ruthy Ballard

A warm, witty story with a healthy dose of SF adventure… A page-turning read.

Ballard returns with another entertaining escapade in her delightfully quirky Tales by Moons-Light series, featuring the adventurous Elvia Hill. After losing their older daughter Jane to cancer, Elvia’s parents have become overly cautious, never allowing the latter to take risks or do anything fun. Longing for adventure, Elvia is thrilled to join her parents for a wildlife safari trip in African bush, unaware her plans are going to upturn soon. An unexpected event sends Elvia to Urth, a distant planet. The only way Elvia can come back to Earth is to complete a dangerous mission. The story’s premise is compelling, the scenarios are clever, and conflicts convincingly developed. Elvia is her usual entertaining self. Her innate curiosity and sense of adventure carry her through impossible trials. A cast of well-rounded, peculiar, and endearing characters whose actions are genuinely unpredictable add to the charm, such as Lacie, with her erratic behavior and her obsession for clothing and fashion and the endearing Rats. The trio’s quest makes for a laugh-out-loud, high-action adventure, complete with silly and fun happenings. The atmospheric setting, the characters’ interpersonal dynamic, and the goofy storyline will keep readers hooked. The action moves at a strong clip, and the moral—the significance of family and love—is woven skillfully into the fun narrative, providing a good lesson for youngsters. Readers will be eager to discover what Elvia does next. 

A thoroughly engaging planet-hopping adventure that should be a solid hit with middle-graders.

Elvia and the Gift of Passion

Tales by Moons-Light Series

Ruthy Ballard

Pub date 28 Feb 2023 

ISBN 9780997853216

Price $12.95 (USD) Paperback

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