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North Star Rising by Darielle Mac

A wholly enthralling coming-of-age tale seasoned with fantasy and myth…

Mac makes her debut with this flawless tale of courage, determination, and family. Living on the mystical isle of T’ir Na Nor in the North Sea has its own charm, but fourteen-year-old Amber Emrys is determined to see what lies beyond her small isle. Her Nest Naming Celebrations are just around the corner, and she’s expected to settle down soon after. But when Amber learns a shocking secret about her family’s past, she knows she has to get to the truth of the matter. Mac’s storytelling is rich and layered: she spins a whimsical narrative that seamlessly intertwines myth, fantasy, and poignant human emotion. The tension stays high; the characters, including the secondary ones are well-realized; and the several disparate threads of the tale all tie up nicely toward the ending. Amber’s story unfolds at a measured pace as she unravels her family’s secrets and discovers that courage and determination are the key to overcoming impossible difficulties. Fantasy lovers, from upper middle graders to YA, will find much to love.

North Star Rising

Darielle Mac

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Page Publishing, Inc.

Pub date August 10, 2022

ISBN 978-1662438288

Price $24.95 (USD) Paperback, $8.99 Kindle edition

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