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Blood Dragon Rising by G.S. Carline

A thoroughly engrossing, page-turning high fantasy… 

Carline mixes myth, mystery, and magic in this transfixing debut installment in the Dragon Shadow series. Twenty-year-old Lisette de Lille, daughter of Duke Claude de Lillewants, knows she has to marry a dull nobleman, produce his heirs, and take care of her household all her life. She’s not enthralled with the idea of that future, but knowing her marriage will secure her Caribbean Island for France—for king and country, she has no qualms. But when her betrothed and his lover sell her to a pirate, she realizes her priorities have changed: now all she wants is white-hot revenge. But the pirate, Rocco, is a blood dragon, owing to an ancient curse. He can be free of the curse, but for that, he has to kill Lisette. Carline smoothly weaves the perspectives of her two protagonists as she ramps up the intrigue surrounding Rocco’s real identity. Rocco as a deeply troubled blood dragon is compelling. Lisette proves to be a strong and magnetic heroine who’s sure to win readers’ sympathies. Carline keeps readers on the edge of their seats as to whether Lisette’s plan of taking her revenge will succeed—and how it might affect her own fate in the long run. The high-stakes fantasy action is grounded in human emotion and a complex exploration of love, life, morality, mercy, revenge, and redemption. Carline beautifully maintains the emotional core of the story even amid bloodshed and violence, both physical and sexual. With brilliantly developed, multifaceted characters; deeply intriguing storyline; and seamless plotting, the pages of this fantasy fly. Carline is a writer to watch. 

Blood Dragon Rising

G.S. Carline

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Dancing Corgi Press

Pub date October 7, 2022

ISBN 978-1943654208

Price $19.95 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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