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The Perfect Culture by Brent Robins

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Funny and deliciously readable, this charming novel will make the reader wish for a sequel featuring Thomas Gephardt…

Full of wry humor and sharp wit, The Perfect Culture follows the exploits of a young man from rural Indiana who wants to escape his inhibited surroundings and explores different cultures around the world. Overwhelmed with relentless alienation with his surroundings, Thomas Gephardt decides to travel around the world and explores his conflicting urges for intellectual conversations and divine perfection. After he completes school, his travel plans take him to a French city for three months and then to Japan as an English teacher and later on to Israel as a volunteer on a kibbutz. As he becomes accustomed to different cuisines, cultures, and people’s ways of living, he realizes he is born to be a world traveler. Robins draws the reader into Thomas’s fascinating world of humorous observations, whose details are both scrupulous and hilarious. Thomas’s evocations of different cities, his reflective, humorous inner dialogue in the middle of real conversations, and his unique take on people and places make the reading a real delight. Sustaining a matter-of-fact and yet humorous tone, Robins fully engages the reader in Thomas’s travel exploits. Thomas’s observations are a true exploration of different countries and their people and customs, broadened by the book’s energetic pace and vibrant prose. Robins’s atmospheric settings and unique storytelling combined with brisk narrative and vibrant prose make this novel appealing to fans of both general fiction and travel fiction.


The Perfect Culture

by Brent Robins

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Cicero Publishing LLC

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PUB DATE October 14, 2019

ISBN 9781733862202

PRICE $12.99 (USD)


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