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Apogee: A Mac Sisco Novel by Lou Earle

Intricately plotted and packed with action…

Earle makes his debut with this complex spy thriller, the debut installment in The Mac Sisco Trilogy. An insidious conspiracy is taking shape slowly, threatening to wreak havoc around the world. But the evidence is subtle, and the authorities believe there’s a bigger conspiracy at work. When the Ex-Navy Seal and NSA intelligence agent Mac Sisco is assigned to find the unseen enemy and thwart the dangerous plan, he knows he has an impossible task at hand. With limited resources at hand, Mac and his team must strike a crippling blow before it’s too late. Mac is pleasingly human. He is extremely smart, capable, and determined. Readers will find it easy to root for him. The rest of the cast is equally convincing, the malevolent Peter Gunderson notwithstanding. Earle paints an indelible portrait of a criminal mastermind who would do everything in his power to realize his ulterior motive. The pacing, however, hampers the flow of the narrative. Earle takes quite a bit of time to set up the character and the setting. Action comes late, but once it does, it unfolds at just the right pace. The exhaustingly widespread case poses some crucial questions: How to possibly neutralize an unseen enemy, who is growing dangerous day by day? With assaults coming from several sectors within the country, how to fathom the intensity of the attack? Not all the answers are equally compelling, but readers will be impressed by Earle’s multidimensional plotting and his meticulous attention to detail. Ultimately, this is a story with a lot of pieces to its puzzle. A thoroughly intriguing read.

Apogee: A Mac Sisco Novel

Lou Earle

Pub date October 31, 2022

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