Danger Peak by Michael Thomas Perone

Compelling and original…

Perone weaves a compelling tale of one young boy’s coming of age journey in his engrossing debut. The magical mountain of Danger Peak is special but holds a particular attraction for thirteen-year-old Robert Kin and his two best friends Chris and Rinnie because no one has made it to the top yet. But scaling the mountain is not easy, especially because Robert’s brother Danny lost his life a year before while trying to climb the mountain and his parents have no intention to let him meet the same fate. Perone beautifully develops Robert’s emotional arc who wants to attain his goal of conquering the mountain but feels frustrated in the face of his father’s impossibly difficult attitude. He deftly portrays the young boy’s fears and insecurities, his longing for Danny, and his burning need for acceptance and understanding. Crisp and straightforward, the prose is smooth and the pacing measured. A dash of magical realism adds to the intrigue, and themes of teenage angst, friendship, bullying, grief, understanding, acceptance, and sibling bonds are beautifully woven into the narrative. A gripping, raw read.

Danger Peak

Michael Thomas Perone

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Pub date June 14, 2022

ISBN 978-1627879507

Price $12.95 (USD) Paperback

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