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Kick Ball Slay: An Introduction to West Coast Swing… AND a Murder Mystery by Doug Dorsey

Twist-riddled, character-driven, un-put-downable whodunit…

In Dorsey’s superior latest mystery featuring Detective Evann Myrick, a series of vicious killings rock the West Coast Swing dance contest, one of the most happening dance competitions in the country. When three people linked to the famous competition die under suspicious circumstances, Myrick is called to investigate. But the killer has just begun his devious game. Myrick must hurry and unravel the mystery or risk letting the killer win. Dorsey neatly doles out the killer’s dark backstory and effectively shows his genius detective alternating between anger and resentment at losing his wife and a dull resignation. Sharply delineated characters are matched by assured prose while the intricate plotting keeps readers turning the pages fast. Throughout, Dorsey depicts the ways in which faith helps people deal with pain and grief. Intelligently plotted and skillfully told, Dorsey’s deviously twisty tale of murder and intrigue will stay on the reader’s mind long after they turn the final page. An absolute stunner.

Kick Ball Slay

An Introduction to West Coast Swing… AND a Murder Mystery 

Doug Dorsey (Author), Robyn Zomorodian (Editor)

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Studio 15 Publishing, Inc.

Pub date March 23, 2022

ISBN 979-8985695335

Price $14.99 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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