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Corbin’s Catacombs by James Pack

Rapturously full of scares…

Pack’s latest is a poetic feast of nightmares and insomnia, a gorgeous demonstration of horror and things better left unsaid, a collection that summons the darkness within. This is a brilliantly twisted collection of short poems in which Iphigenia Corbin, a Baku, a creature that eats the nightmares of the mortals, takes readers to have a peek inside her private collection of dark and haunting things. The poems take you into a world of ferocious creatures, nightmares that eat you alive, lonely spirits looking for a host, dreams as otherworldly things feast on your soul, and confessions sculpted from terrorized hearts, open eyes, and infinite restlessness. Here are ramblings of a Wolf Man grappling with his lust for blood and destruction while seeking love and happiness (“Monster Movies”), whispers of a small child trapped in hellish nightmares (“A Child’s Nightmare”), Iphigenia Corbin introducing herself and others like her (“An Interlude with Mademoiselle”). The nightmares that infuse these pages have the power to break locks and open doorways, cut straight through heart and shatter peace but only if you’re brave enough to peek behind the curtain. Immediate, deeply complex, and intensely profound—a marvelous collection.

Corbin’s Catacombs

James Pack

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