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Chimera Conflict: A Boston Brain in a Uyghur Body by W Morgan, Robert

Highly intriguing and engaging… a persuasive tale of scientific intrigue.

Robert spins an exquisitely clever blend of speculative fiction and medical science, sparkling densely with elements of a fast-paced thriller. When a horrific car accident in Tibet leaves Roger Scully, a Denver-based doctor, wheelchair-bound, he decides to opt for a high-risk medical procedure in China. He gets his brain transplanted into a healthy donor body but has no idea what awaits him ahead. Robert combines an extraordinarily fascinating premise with clever details into a convincing medical reality. His plotting is tight, and he is up-to-date on sophisticated organ transplantation procedures as well as ethical issues surrounding medicine and the Uyghur’s plight in China. The pacing is somewhat uneven, especially toward the end, but the novel as a whole comes off as a deeply absorbing, intriguing medical thriller. Readers seeking an endlessly inventive and engrossing story are in for a thrill ride.

Chimera Conflict

A Boston Brain in a Uyghur Body

W Morgan, Robert

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Pub date April 25, 2022


Price $6.86 (USD) Kindle edition

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