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Beneath An Alien Sun by R. Garcia Vazquez

A well-plotted, engaging post-apocalyptic odyssey.

An alien-controlled futuristic world is the vivid backdrop for this deeply intriguing sci-fi novel from Vazquez. After surviving a bizarre kidnapping orchestrated by his own tech-mogul father, Merlin Stone wants to do nothing but return home, find a job, and settle down. But an unexpected danger not only upturns Merlin’s life but also everyone else’s on the planet. Two-thousand years later, a haunted cadet discovers Merlin’s recorded notes and realizes danger to humanity is still very much the same. Vazquez’s deeply engrossing futuristic tale offers a hauntingly beautiful portrait of a devastating world in which humanity is repeatedly put to test before an intergalactic mob of coldblooded spectators and gamblers. The novel’s epic scale and vast timelines can sometimes make it difficult for readers to keep track of the things as they try to piece various events together, but the emotions are raw and real. The characters are multilayered, and the fine blend of philosophy, hard SF, and human drama keep the page turning. It’s intriguing, absorbing work.

Beneath An Alien Sun

A Post-Apocalyptic Chronicle of Love, Death, and Human Resilience

R. Garcia Vazquez

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Pub date 15 Jun 2022

ISBN 9780999152225

Price $19.42 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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