Relativity by Ben Adams

A layered, captivating exploration of love, self-discovery, and hope…

This outstanding latest from Adams focuses on three middle-aged men’s journey to self-discovery. Harry Erickson has seen plenty of lows in his life, including watching his house burnt down to ashes, but his academic aspirations keep him afloat. Dennis Drysdale lives with Harry’s ex-wife but feels totally aloof in his relationship while wondering if he has a chance with a woman from his past. Stuck in a loveless, abusive marriage, Timothy Henderson’s only solace is in online video gaming. A chance road trip to Chicago proves to be a life-altering event for the trio. Although the story’s tone is light, the intricate exploration of the characters’ inner turmoil makes it both hefty and substantial. Adams deftly captures Timothy’s battle with his acute guilt and shame over his unusual fetish: the latter’s struggle to reconcile his inherent inclination toward pornographic SF drawings with the recent upheaval in his life is thoroughly convincing and handled with understanding. And he is thoroughly compelling when it comes to portraying Harry’s obliviousness to his surroundings as well as Dennis’s impaired perception of the woman who desires him. Employing a third-person omniscient perspective along with a tongue-in-cheek first-person narrative in alternating voices that sheds light on the characters’ complicated lives, Adams explores self-perception and people’s opinion along with themes of love, marriage, hope, desire, dreams, regret, self-discovery, and forgiveness. Sly humor and sharp dialogue lend an underlying sense of lightheartedness to the narrative as the trio open themselves to new ideas and possibilities, and a slice-of-life quality to the storyline keeps the readers engrossed. Fans of finely constructed literary satire won’t want to miss this multilayered tale of hope, dreams, ambitions, and life.


Ben Adams

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Pub date 07 Jun 2022

ISBN 9781643972985

Price $35.94 (USD) Hardcover, $20.47 Paperback, $9.99 Kindle edition

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