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Danger to Others by Martha Crites

A psychologically acute, outstanding mystery…

Crites deftly balances flawless characterization, tight plotting, and keen psychological sense in her latest novel. A field evaluation gone wrong leading to a shooting is just the beginning of unexpected problems in psychiatric evaluator Grace Vaccaro’s life: her mother is dead, and a young psychiatric patient Laurel insists she has killed her therapist. Determined to prove Laurel’s innocence, Grace unravels a shocking secret that hits too close to home. Crites displays an exquisite touch both with characterization and plotting, and her prose is leisurely and assured. She deftly pulls away the surface of her characters, exposing their deeper, hidden layers. Grace is a complicated and engaging protagonist, and so is the entire cast. Crites develops the story behind Laurel’s disappearance at a masterful pace, revealing each layer of the mystery as shocking secrets come to surface. Lovers of finely crafted cozies won’t want to miss this stellar tale of hidden secrets, murder, and the search for truth.

Danger to Others

Martha Crites

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Pub date March 8, 2022

ISBN 978-1942078777

Price $16.95 (USD) Paperback, $3.73 Kindle edition

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