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The Knowing (Bulwark Anthology, #1) by Brit Lunden

Exciting to read, engrossing, and satisfying… A phenomenal read.

Lunden continues the story of Bulwark by delving into the backstory of JB Stratton, a character who made an appearance in the original Bulwark novella. With his beloved wife Ellie long-gone and children settled in far-away places, JB Stratton is alone in the world with nothing else but the memories of his vivid past. But his longing for Ellie wouldn’t let him live in peace. Lunden offers tremendous entertainment: swiftly paced, packed with colorful depictions of the gothic town of Bulwark and vividly drawn secondary cast. JB happens to be an old eccentric with a tendency to zone out and lots of wisdom to distribute. In this novella, though, Lunden capably keeps her story far from the usual scary stuff and instead holds it to the confines of literary gothic genre, which is poignant, atmospheric and just a tad bit foreboding. JB’s relentless longing—between the desperate feelings of restlessness to which he is accustomed to and his equally strong desire to be with Ellie—are movingly conveyed. As the life of JB, prior to Ellie’s unexpected death from cancer takes shape through flashbacks, the potential paranormal aspects, particularly the local rumors surrounding children’s occasional disappearances—become almost as believable as JB and Ellie’s love story that’s grounded in reality. The narrative occasionally loses its forward drive and turns scattered but is overall extremely probing, as Lunden explores the mysteries of what it is to love someone truly and wholly, to be connected to familial relationships, and to seek and live a life of meaning.

The Knowing 

(Bulwark Anthology, #1)

Brit Lunden

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Pub date March 13, 2019

ISBN ‎ 978-1947188990

Price $8.99 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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