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Falling in Love at The Cos by Jim Hamilton

Evocative and beautifully haunting…

Hamilton’s playful and haunting slender Halloween romance explores true love, the real and metaphorical masks along with perception versus reality. Terrence Worthwell has just turned forty and has never been to a casino or flown on a plane. But when his childhood friend offers an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas, Terry takes on the offer despite his reluctance. When he meets an enigmatic woman at The Cos, a new hotel-casino that caters to cosplayers, the spark flies immediately. But things are not as they seem on the surface. Hamilton’s take on after-life romance is fresh and inventive, though the story becomes slightly rushed in the final act. However, he is adept at developing the characters through subtle but significant details, like Terry’s reserved, introverted personality, and an underlying enigma that surrounds Red. Terry and Red’s romance unfolds slowly over the course of the narrative, and their chance meetings, which happen in quick succession, are pivotal to their connection. While the love story is the book’s focus, the cozy futuristic setting set against the backdrop of Halloween is equally well-developed. An engrossing, pensive tale with authentic characters and a satisfying romance.

Falling in Love at The Cos

By Jim Hamilton

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Pub date October 30, 2021


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