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On the Winds of Quasars (The Song of Kamaria Book 2) by T. A. Bruno

Brilliantly plotted and perfectly paced…

Bruno’s second installment in The Song of Kamaria series offers heaps of thrilling moments of danger sprinkled with high action, adventure, and intrigue. Cade and Nella Castus, taken from their home and brought deep into the wilderness, are determined to make their way back to civilization. But with their captor still at their trail, their path is filled with danger. Meanwhile, trying to look for their missing children, Denton and Eliana uncover something that will change everything on Kamaria forever. Bruno explores family relationships, sibling ties, unity, duty, and responsibility smoothly as the story moves forward, and his realistically drawn characters and intricate family dynamics enhance the tightly knit plot further. Nella is a particular delight, and other characters are compelling. The swiftly moving pace builds to a cliffhanging climax as Bruno delves into family loyalties, compelling ethical dilemmas, and individual struggles. With its engaging protagonists, inventive monsters and other creatures, technological advancements, the uniquely created ecosystem, ethical issues, and cliffhanger ending, this second installment in the series promises the Castus family’s more exciting adventures.

On the Winds of Quasars

(The Song of Kamaria Book 2)

by T. A. Bruno

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Pub date September 20, 2021

ISBN 978-1734647068

Price $21.98 (USD) Hardcover, $16.80 Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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