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Silent Winter Solstice (A Beth and Evie Mystery – Vol. 1) by Bonnie Oldre

An atmospheric and immersive tale that provides plenty of mystery, suspense and danger…

Set in 1968 in Davison City in North Minnesota, Oldre’s debut installment in the A Beth and Evie Mystery series is atmospheric and intricate, with a well-crafted cast of cool characters and an authentic feel. Trying to begin afresh after her breakup, 30-year-old Beth Williams is back in her hometown, successfully juggling a job as a Library Assistant and graduate school. But when she finds the body of a young girl that disappears later, it’s just the beginning of a complicated cat-and-mouse game between Beth, with her best friend Evie Hanson at her side and the killer. Oldre is at ease mixing usual genre tropes to produce a fast-paced mystery. The pacing never sags as she takes readers down a winding road of unseen twists and turns. Both Beth and Evie are engaging: Oldre gives them enough gut and intelligence to make them an endearing pair of amateur sleuths that readers wouldn’t help but root for. A thoroughly engrossing tale, packed with abundant twists, shocking revelations, and high-stake dangers.

Silent Winter Solstice

(A Beth and Evie Mystery – Vol. 1)

By Bonnie Oldre

Gatekeeper Press

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Pub date December 13, 2021

ISBN 978-1662916533

Price $14.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.99 Kindle edition

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