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Resolution of Stars by Martyn Rhys Vaughan

An exciting SF tale with engaging concepts and memorable characters… A propulsive adventure.

In his sequence to Doom of Stars, Vaughan deftly weaves an intricate, immersive and often bleak tale within a grim post-apocalyptic setting. Wanting another chance at life and love, Maya decided to accompany DeGroot and others for a journey into the future. But fate has other plans for the group. Instead of a slightly altered planet, Maya awakes to a nightmarish world on the brink of ultimate destruction. Meanwhile, life in the small village is not perfect, but Karn is content to be alive and well. When the Sun goes out, Karn knows he must leave his homeland behind and look for a world outside his own small universe. When Maya and Karn’s paths collide, they realize they still have to face the Doom of Stars. In Vaughan’s dystopian world, women and girls are assumed to harbor the ability to attract trouble for humanity. Treating them with empathy, among other things, is forbidden, and when a woman is acquired by a man, he is required to treat her as his slave, making her obey his every command. Otherwise, she faces severe punishment—or worse: execution. Themes of destitution, hunger, survival, female repression, and dictatorship are familiar ones in the post-apocalyptic genre, but Vaughan’s immersive storytelling effortlessly weaves hard SF elements with a harrowing and surprising survival story. The premise, which seems simple at first, grows in scope as Maya and Karn’s journey progresses and the stakes get higher, and the duo’s tumultuous relationship develops in unexpected, touching ways. The novel skillfully examines the underpinnings of its setting and the ways the humanity’s unwavering resilience stays intact no matter the circumstances. There are profound moments in trifling details, and readers will find their hearts racing and breaking right along with the enduring, resourceful Maya and Karn’s. Both Maya and Karn inflict difficulty after difficulty, which dominates the theme for the middle and later part of the book. They both undergo genuine, evocative evolution as they struggle with the most horrendous circumstances, take dangerous risks, and grow into the best version of themselves. By the end, the nature of their journey is front and center and the duo—trying to come to terms with the circumstances of their lives—make their own devastating decisions. The ending ties up all the loose threads while unraveling an entirely new conflict, promising another installment. This is a definite winner.

Resolution of Stars

By Martyn Rhys Vaughan

Cambria Books

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Pub date November 19, 2021

ISBN 978-0957489448

Price $15.00 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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