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They Only Wear Black Hats by Edward Izzi

A taut, fast-paced thriller with wrenching twists and turns…

Izzi returns with his latest thriller, featuring the sharp, gutsy Detective Mike Palazzola of Detroit’s Third Precinct embroiled in a serial killing investigation. Detective Palazzola is tired of seeing the hellish criminals walking scot-free because of tricky loopholes in the judicial system. When he stumbles upon a secret gathering of The Malizia Society of Detroit, The Archangels, with their own group of executioners trained to kill acquitted criminals, he knows he must find a way to stop the group before they wreak havoc everywhere. But with the FBI involved and the high-profile people being the part of The Archangels, the case becomes more than complicated. Palazzola must brace himself for a dangerous journey if he wants to solve the case. Izzi creates an authentic, appealing, nicely developed protagonist and his atmospheric setting brings the city of Detroit to life: Palazzola is thoroughly human, with a capacity for demanding work being one of his best features, and the secondary characters are equally compelling, the lethal The Archangels most notable among them; the Detroit setting compliment the mood of the story—it’s vibrant and grimy at once and always appropriate to the story, which unfolds at just the right pace. The high-intensity action is threaded through a series of brutal killings happening in a succession before the brilliantly inventive final twist sees the culprits apprehended. It’s pretty obvious early on who the criminals are, but the knowledge doesn’t hurt the reader’s interest in the story. Izzi is as capable as his detective hero, weaving in fast-paced twists and shocking revelations to keep the reader invested. The major pleasure comes from following Palazzola through an impenetrable maze of fast-paced chases. Both the hero and the villains are compelling, and the smart, suspenseful cat-and-mouse game between them keeps the pages turning. Izzi is less interested in identifying whodunit than in uncovering a horrific web of malevolence, and he does it with an utmost precision and skill. Some of the intrigue in the dizzying series of brutal murders of innocent victims, particularly young children and teens makes for a mature reading experience, and readers who are wary of graphic scenes of extreme violence are advised to tread with caution. For readers who like their tales ripe with violence and bloodshed, this one is ready for grab. Lovers of fast-paced thrillers will be impressed by Izzi’s immaculate plotting and his insight into dark places in the human soul. This one is a winner.

They Only Wear Black Hats

By Edward Izzi

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Cassino Publishing, Inc.

Pub date November 11, 2021

ISBN 9798764831

Price $16.99 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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