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Moon Deeds (Star Children Saga #1) by Palmer Pickering

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Evocative, wholesomely absorbing, and thematically rich, Moon Deeds is a must-read for all science fiction fans…

In this richly textured, virtually flawless tale set in 2090, Palmer Pickering dispatches Tor and Cassidy to the moon to reclaim their inheritance and save humanity from vicious alien forces. The twin brother and sister duo, Tor and Cassidy, are the twenty-ninth pair of the star children twins born every millennium to reconnect with the source of all life. The task for Tor and Cassidy in this millennium is difficult though—with next to nothing for a clue about their ancestors’ whereabouts, and a pressing need to save humanity’s spiraling descent into darkness at the hands of alien forces. With almost all of the earth under alien’s brutal dictatorship, moon is the only outpost of freedom left for earth’s inhabitants. With a deed to vast land parcels on moon that they inherited from their great aunt, the twins leave for the moon, but things are not as they seem on the surface. To save humanity from darkness, the twins must discover their hidden powers and embrace their true identity. Pickering is brilliant when it comes to creating two alternative words. She approaches the 2090s alien-controlled earth with the same details, intrigue, and brilliancy as she depicts the dismal humanoid world of moon. Pickering’s take on the situation of women, who remain in a subservient position on moon (as well as under alien’s rule on earth), is an uncomfortable possibility that rings true on a colonized moon in the context of an alien-controlled earth in the far-future. Pickering’s world for humans on moon is richly detailed and remains both highly intriguing and utterly grim. With her keen psychological insights and scientific-know-how, Pickering develops her characters with the same careful details as she does her alternative worlds. Cassidy is an atypical mix of resolute stubbornness, high intelligence, and dare. Tor is convincing as a tortured warrior. The ancillary characters are thoroughly developed and multifaced. Pickering’s psychologically knowledgeable portrayal of her protagonists and detailed description of other-world cultures never overwhelms the engrossing story line. Stunningly written, filled with magic, science, and intrigue, and featuring fascinating, endearing characters and a brilliant ravaged setting, this ambitious sci-fi novel is one of few books that once started are hard to put down and will make fans eagerly wait for the next installment in the series. It’s a novel that deserved to be read by every science fiction lover. Highly recommended.


Moon Deeds

(Star Children Saga #1)

by Palmer Pickering

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PUB DATE March 7, 12019

ISBN 9781732568808

PRICE $14.40 (USD)


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