Rift: Book Three of the Obluvium Series by R. Dawn Hutchinson

A dangerous journey filled with darkness, mystery, betrayal, and intrigue…

Troubled characters, complicated bonds, dark supernatural magic, and power politics mark Hutchinson’s third installment in the Obluvium Series. With the tyrannical king of Stromboden and the mad Count Carvil out for their blood, the supernatural sage twins, Elise and Frankie, have no option but to keep on running. Haunted by her own dark supernatural abilities, Elise finds herself changing after she’s kidnapped. Now it’s up to Frankie to bring peace to his people even if it means altering the course of time. A well-drawn cast of characters leads the battle against the tyranny of the king of Stromboden and the mad Count Carvil. Their voices are richly drawn, from Elise’s troubled feelings about her sage gifts to Frankie’s selfless devotion for his people. Hutchinson adeptly develops intricate conflicts, with the protagonists growing through their challenges while discovering what is truly worth fighting for. Themes of family, sibling bonds, solidarity, duty, and revenge are incorporated skillfully into the affecting narrative. Well-constructed and emotionally nuanced, the novel makes for a winner.

Rift: Book Three of the Obluvium Series

By R. Dawn Hutchinson

Pub date December 11, 2021

ISBN 9781733838320

Categories: Fantasy

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