What Love Can Do by Laura Muncie

A bedtime story bursting with warmth and love…

The question of what love can do begins this cozy bedtime story of parents and young children navigating their everyday activities by debut author Muncie. The text on each page follows a soothing pattern as it plays with the end rhymes: “Love can welcome the new and small,/ and measure you as you grow tall.” During the course of the narrative, young listeners are introduced to varying emotions of compassion, caring, and helping as well as acceptance and understanding. By the end of the story, it is now a starry moonlit night illustrated in black, gold, and red, with the sentence finally concluding: “Goodnight, little one,/ the day is through.” The final image shows a mother carrying the sleeping baby to the crib. The artwork is bold, with solid, bright colors, featuring a wonderfully diverse cast of characters with varying skin and hair colors (Black dominates though). Both text and art complement each other perfectly. Simple, earnest, and charming, the book makes for an ideal title for any nursery bookshelf or lap-sit story time.

What Love Can Do

By Laura Muncie

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Adelaide Books

Pub date October 20, 2021

ISBN 9781955196697

Price $17.60 Hardcover

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