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Little Özil by Lewis Beilman (Author), Lamya Sharaby (Illustrator)

An emotional, thought-provoking story of understanding and acceptance…

A little patience and hard work go a long way toward forming connections in this poignant tale by Beilman. Eight-year-old Mustafa loves playing soccer, and he is pretty good at the game. But soccer is a team-game. And other players have no intention to team up with a Muslim kid. When Mustafa’s coach learns about the discrimination Mustafa goes through on a regular basis, he comes up with a clever plan. Beilman fits a lot into the story, making good use of facts and fiction. Mustafa’s journey of getting acceptance sends a message that is both heartening and reassuring, imparting a slice of wisdom to young readers. Lamya Sharaby’s vivid illustrations use red, orange, green, and blue hues and soccer and family scenes to embody Mustafa’s joys and disappointments as he navigates the ups and downs of his young life. Ideal for beginner readers, the book makes for a solid lesson in acceptance, understanding, patience, hard work, and determination and will start kids off on the right foot in these divided times.

Little Özil

By Lewis Beilman (Author), Lamya Sharaby (Illustrator)

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Adelaide Books

Pub date September 21, 2021

ISBN 9781955196864

Price $17.60 Hardcover,

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