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To Squeeze a Prairie Dog by Scott Semegran

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Semegran is at the top of his game as he crafts this thoroughly engaging read…
Scott Semegran spins everyday lives of ordinary characters into a dramatic tale packed with wry humor, bureaucratic shenanigans, and unexpected windfalls. An accidental stumble of their boss across a multimillion-dollar cost-savings suggestion gets coworkers at a state agency a chance to win $10,000. But the solution is just the beginning of problems for the Unit 3 employee. Semegran is convincing in his portrayal of social oddballs and political ambitions and handles the crux of the book’s theme splendidly: the camaraderie of coworkers at unit 3, J.D.’s blissful small-town ignorance of the big city ways, bureaucratic confusion, political corruption, and yellow journalism. Written in a crisp, clear prose, this fast-paced novel will delight fans of literary fiction.

To Squeeze a Prairie Dog

by Scott Semegran

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PUB DATE February 1, 2019

ISBN 9781723866890

PRICE $15.99 (USD)

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