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The Winterkeeper by Jo Horne

A stirring, transporting story of love and family…

Horne combines history and intrigue in his latest, a fine, complex tale of love and what it means to be family. At fourteen, Millie Chase is left at the mercy of her abusive step-father after her mother dies of illness. Determined to find her mother’s friend, Ginny Baker, Milly sets on for the nearby Yellowstone National Park. But Ginny is in Chicago, and Nate Barker, Ginny’s husband, has no desire to get entangled in someone else’s problems. Horne develops Nate and Ginny’s backstories at a measured pace, revealing each layer of their relationship alongside a thoughtful glance at Milly, who is struggling with her excruciating grief after the tragic loss of her mother and her home in Chicago. The descriptions of Montana’s snowy winter are animated and memorable. The pacing is smooth, and tension stays ripe right from the beginning as Milly sets on to locate her mother’s friend. Vividly evocative and steeped in the Depression era of 1930s, the novel is sure to appeal to fans of fine historical dramas.

The Winterkeeper

A Tale of Hope and Love in the Face of Insurmountable Obstacles

By Jo Horne

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Pub date April 7, 2021

ISBN 978-1736346310

Price $11.99 (USD) Paperback, $3.04 Kindle edition

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