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The Witch Hunter General II: The Oath Breaker by Mace Berry        

An un-put-downable paranormal fantasy with heartfelt emotion and real substance…

Marked with violence, bloodshed, and intrigue, Berry’s second in The Witch Hunter General series takes readers on an exhilarating adventure as General Victor Cain and his team set on to face a sinister enemy. Trying to come to terms with the loss of Magnus, Victor and his team members are faced with another problem: Aka Manah, the demon prince of evil minds, has risen, and his chosen lieutenant, the Mortifer, is systematically wiping out Puritan Inquisitors while pinning the blame on Victor. Berry adeptly evokes the concerns of his troubled characters while visiting themes of loyalty, brotherhood, connection, and memories. There is plenty of bloodshed and violence, and the gore quotient is nicely incorporated. The prevalent theme of goodness versus evil along with the strong female leads keep the reader invested. Berry takes a fantastical scenario (future imbued into past) and instils it with the terror, trauma, and messiness of reality. Brilliantly plotted and immaculately executed, this novel makes for an intense page-turning read.

The Witch Hunter General II: The Oath Breaker

By Mace Berry

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Pub date December 10, 2021

ISBN 978-0578969220

Price $13.00 (USD) Paperback, $6.49 Kindle edition

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