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The Case of the Golden Helmet by Ted Ballantyne

Precise and engrossing… An intriguing mystery.

Ballantyne debuts with this engrossing tale of a CRA investigator’s quest to bring a fraudster to justice. The thoroughly dedicated Canada Revenue Agency Special Investigator, Tom Thomas finds himself entangled in the cunning Garold Gerber’s tax evasion case. With Gerber’s fake income returns showing substantial losses, Tom knows he must put his sleuthing skills to good use or risk letting Gerber escape the law. Ballantyne twists his increasingly complicated plot as Gerber continues to evade the authorities. Though the novel was inspired in part by Ballantyne’s own decades-old investigation into a tax evasion case, those looking for a page-turning thriller should probably look elsewhere: this is not your usual mystery but rather a deeply technical one. The plot is tight as Ballantyne probes his characters’ motivations and desires. The antagonist is constructed with skill, and his cunning ways are deeply realized. Meticulously researched and adeptly crafted, this absorbing mystery will keep readers engrossed. Fans of crime procedurals will enjoy this real-life CRA investigation.

The Case of the Golden Helmet

By Ted Ballantyne


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Pub date September 16, 2020

ISBN 978-1525582035

Price $5.48 (USD) Hardcover, $4.72 Paperback, $4.18 Kindle edition

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