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Marrying For Fame by Carol D. Styron

A breezy, engaging tale perfect for a day at the beach…

Styron debuts with a sweet romance heavy on lighthearted individual drama and intrigue. Janet Ashby and David Villa, a pair of young aspiring singers, are as different as chalk and cheese. When their agent Charlie Wilson suggests a marriage of convenience to boost their promising careers, the duo has no qualms accepting the offer, unaware fate has something else in plan for them. The way the duo’s relationship starts strains credibility, but from there, the story is pure entertainment. Styron creates endearing protagonists readers will find it easy to root for and a supporting cast full of personality. Janet and David’s relationship is portrayed with authenticity, and the chemistry between them is irresistibly adorable. Packed with riveting drama and lighthearted romance, this book beautifully illustrates the power of true love. Romance lovers can pick this one without thinking twice.

Marrying For Fame

By Carol D. Styron

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Pub date December 5, 2014


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