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Five Mile Charlie: A Special Pony for Carly by Kimberly Adams (Author), David Gnass (Illustrator)

A well-Crafted, visually rich, fun tale in which hope, hard work, and resilience triumph…

Adams debuts with this fun, thought-provoking series opener which tells the story of the young and charming Carly getting her dream of owning a pony comes true. The young Carly loves living on the Five Miles Farm in Oklahoma. The life on a farm requires hard work that Carly doesn’t mind doing and she has a wide array of pets, including dogs named Okie and Molly, a cat called Wally and a parrot named Annie, with whom she loves to play. But Carly dreams about owning a pony. Queen Bee Nora knows about Carly’s wish and takes it upon herself to get a pony for Carly. The story is engaging, with many twists and turns, and there’s lots to ponder about work ethics, friendship, and perseverance. Adams sketches her characters with precise, keen insight. Whereas Carly is sweet and charming, it’s Queen Bee Nora who steals the show all the way through: she possesses an amazing amount of personality, and it’s difficult not to be charmed by her queen-ish attitude. She is bossy and yet sympathetic, and her feisty attitude offers motivation, stressing that hard work and resilience are the keys to success and dreams can come true if one is persistent enough. Youngsters will find an inspiring figure in her. Journey, Nora’s sidekick, doesn’t get much space in the story but leaves an impression with her persistence and determination. Okie, Molly, Wally, and other pets are charming, and Charlie, the llama, is an absolute darling. Geared toward young readers, Adams’s vocabulary and the writing style are clear, and her children-appropriate prose makes the story come alive, deftly communicating the range of emotions, from happiness to surprise to amazement, that the story conveys, and her playful use of words keeps the pages turning. David Gnass’s vibrant and emotionally evocative illustrations complement the energetic, engrossing narrative and play an integral role in the story’s success: they not only bring the large cast of characters and setting to life, but also add depth and detail to the story. Themes of friendship, community, hard work, patience, and hopes and dreams are skillfully interwoven into a world of magic and wonder. The vibrant illustrations, eye-popping, bright colors, and gentle tale combine to make a solid package. Youngsters will wait eagerly for the next installment. This is a must-have for little ones’ bookshelves.

Five Mile Charlie: A Special Pony for Carly

By Kimberly Adams (Author), David Gnass (Illustrator)

Mascot Books

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Pub date September 7, 2021

ISBN 978-1645436928

Price $16.95 (USD) Hardcover

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