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Standing In My Shadow by C S Arnold

A solidly absorbing, page-turning thriller…

Arnold offers an enthralling suspense story that’s steeped in the questions of identity, love, and supernatural in her latest. Linda Grainger was five-year-old when she was sent to live in a boarding school. It’s only a month before her college graduation that she sets foot again in her childhood home, owing to her father’s untimely tragic death. Struggling to deal with her father’s abandonment, Linda begins to look into her past, unaware of the evil waiting to take control of her life. Arnold ramps up the suspense, skillfully revving up the tension as the characters metamorphose. The story centers both on Linda’s grief and her troubling past, and Arnold skillfully conveys Linda’s unsettling and visceral journey to revelation. The supernatural manifestations are indelible while the poignant romance between Linda and Brett and a vivid paranormal backdrop keep the pages turning. This finely crafted, engrossing suspense thriller with elements of the supernatural supplies plenty of thrills and chills. A stunner.

Standing In My Shadow

By C S Arnold

Readersmagnet LLC

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Pub date March 6, 2021

ISBN 978-1953616395 Price 15.48 (USD) Paperback, $30.23 Hardcover, 4.79 Kindle edition

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