The Human Snare by Rick Wood

Splendid… Deeply stirring and elegiac.

Wood combines stunningly shot photographs with his own odyssey of travelling around the globe to tell the story of world’s decimation of wildlife in this beautiful and devastating yet hopeful account. Wood began his journey to research wildlife trafficking and poaching after Cecil, a well-studied lion in Hwange National Park in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe, died in a guided hunt in 2015 after an American dentist reportedly paid $50,000 to hunt Cecil as a trophy. Beginning his journey from Tanzania and conversing with the local poachers and the ancient Maasai there, Wood visited and worked in a panda sanctuary in Chengdu and traversed the narrow alleyways of Hutongs in Beijing in China, took a cross-country trip to Yellowstone National Park in America and traveled to the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica. He asserts that poachers are regular people with hopes and dreams, struggles and sorrows, and it is poverty that forces them to participate in the unlawful act of wildlife trafficking. He argues that they exist because there is a demand of poached goods in affluent countries across the globe, and nations like Africa, China etc. are merely there to process that demand. Wood’s stunning black and white photographs capture the surreal magic of vast and varied landscapes in their full glory. The future of vulnerable species such as African elephants, giraffe, giant panda among others remain uncertain, but Wood excellently conveys the importance of preserving wildlife and delivers a moving and powerful photojournalistic account of the unscrupulous wildlife trafficking and poaching.

The Human Snare

By Rick Wood

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Pub date November 9, 2020


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Categories: Non Fiction

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