The Benevolent Lords of Sometimes Island by Scott Semegran

the benevolent lords of

A page-turner…

Inspired by Lord of the Flies, award-winning Semegran’s fabulous latest explores the theme of friendship, courage, and adolescent life in 1980s Texas. After William and his friends find their biggest nemesis and the leader of the merciless Thousand Oaks Gang Bloody Billy’s marijuana and cash-stuffed backpack, they see a perfect opportunity to settle scores. But the boys’ half-baked plan puts them in the middle of a desolate island without food and water. Equal part dense with intriguing backstories and atmospheric setting of 80s Texas town, Semegran skillfully manages his ensemble cast, interlacing their story lines and character introductions. He expertly uses language to give voice to his adolescent protagonists’ aspirations, fears, and insecurities while keeping the narrative drive strong with high-stake situations and action-packed twists. With his assured writing, tight plotting, and talent to fill a story with realistic details, Semegran has created another winner after his last outing (To Squeeze a Prairie Dog). A must read!


The Benevolent Lords of Sometimes Island

By Scott Semegran

Buy now

Mutt Press

Pub date October 1, 2020

ASIN: B08678RWD4

Price $3.80 (USD) Kindle edition


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