The Soul Searchers Mysteries series (2 books) by Caryn Larrinaga

donn's hill series

A taut, suspenseful series with consistently fascinating installments… Definitely a page-turner!

Larrinaga blends high suspense, tense mystery, a poignant account of finding friendships and loyalty, and a touching narrative to craft this hard-to-put-down paranormal mystery series. In the first book, untimely death of her father and a broken relationship forces Mackenzie Clair to leave her home and city behind to start afresh in her favorite childhood vacation spot, the small town of Donn’s Hill. As her lost psychic ability to talk to the dead returns, Mackenzie joins the team of Soul Searchers, a ghost hunting crew, and come face to face with a troubled spirit who wants justice at any cost. In the second book, a world-famous paranormal debunker tries to prove Soul Searchers’ work a sham when a murder happens and suspicion falls on Mackenzie. To prove her innocence, Mackenzie will go to any lengths even if it means taking help from the dead. Larrinaga has scored a winner in both the books with her tightly constructed plot, atmospherics setting of a haunted town, and nonstop action. Larrinaga’s chillingly depicted paranormal activities in the books are both realistic and convincing and her characterization thoroughly done; Mackenzie’s as a woman trying to find her place in a new town is complex as well as easy to like; the other characters (major and ancillary) are equally complex. With high tension and a breakneck pace, Soul Searchers’ explorations become a definite page-turner, and readers looking for a touching, fast-paced paranormal mysteries will find much to love.


Donn’s Hill

by Caryn Larrinaga

(The Soul Searchers Mysteries Book 1)

Buy now

Twisted Tree Press

Pub date April 1, 2019

ISBN 978-0999020036

Price $12.95 (USD)


Donn’s Shadow

(The Soul Searchers Mysteries Book 2)

Buy now

Twisted Tree Press

Pub date October 22, 2019

ISBN 978-0999020043

Price $12.95 (USD)


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