Felicity Carrol and the Murderous Menace by Patricia Marcantonio

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A delightful Victorian mystery…

Felicity Carrol, a wealthy British heiress, finds herself entangled in the case of Jack the Ripper’s vicious killings in United States after her close friend Scotland Yard Inspector Jackson Davis falls gravely ill and urges her to bring the killer to justice. Despite meeting resistance from the local authorities and constant rejection of her theories, Felicity continues to pursue the case and is determined to find the killer. Felicity’s character is too good to be true, but her independent streak will please readers looking for strong female leads determined to make their ways in a traditional Victorian society. The narrative is smooth and the pace fast. The plot has some inconsistencies, but overall, Marcantonio’s clever twist on Jack the Ripper case is a delight to read. The fans of Victorian mysteries will devour this book in no time.


Felicity Carrol and the Murderous Menace

A Felicity Carrol Mystery

by Patricia Marcantonio

Crooked Lane Books

Pub Date 11 Feb 2020

ISBN 9781643852898

PRICE $26.99 (USD)

Categories: Mystery

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