Primed For Revenge by Carolyn M. Bowen



A light thriller that explores the mentality of a rape victim…

In Primed for Revenge, Sydney Jones, a lawyer working in a large law firm, becomes the target of a brutal kidnapping and rape that leaves her suffering from amnesia. As she slowly regains her memories and tries to build her life, deceit comes disguised in the form of friendship. For gullible Sydney, who has always lived a sheltered life, it is about time she learns to protect what’s her own. Bowen paints a compelling picture of good, everyday people becoming victims of financial frauds; the consistent gullibility and lack of caution on Sydney’s part create an imagery that will resonate with many readers. The plot is a bit muddled, but characters are interesting while Bowen explores a larger question: how far should a woman go to protect her dignity?


Primed For Revenge

by Carolyn M. Bowen

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PUB DATE April 2, 2019


PRICE $7.42 (USD)


Categories: Short Reviews, Suspense and Thriller

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