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Lying Next to Me by Gregg Olsen

lying next to me


Intense, suspenseful, and an engrossing read…

Adam and Sophie Warner are holidaying for the Memorial Day weekend to unwind and to fill the gaps seeping in their relationship. A stranger kidnaps Sophie on the first morning of their trip while Adam and their three-year-old daughter watch helplessly from the boat in the water. Mason County detective Lee Husemann, Adam’s best friend’s sister, steps in to investigate the incident. As she delves deeper into the case, she realizes everything is not as it seems on the surface and people are capable of the biggest lies. The narrative shifts from person to person with lurid details, which adds intrigue to the story. As readers delve deeper into this multi-layered story, surprising revelations unravel protagonists’ hidden secrets. The tense plot is marred somewhat by characters’ extensive backstories which at times seem to hinder the book’s flow. The identity of the murderer wouldn’t come as a surprise to hard-core mystery buffs, but a sense of doom accompanies the reader as bite-sized hints points the latter in the direction of the killer halfway through the book. Olsen’s writing is intense, and he is brilliant when it comes to characterization. A must read for all the mystery buffs.


Lying Next to Me

by Gregg Olsen

Thomas & Mercer

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PUB DATE May 21, 2019

ISBN 9781721334087

PRICE $10.97 (USD)



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