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Agile ENTERPRISE SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE: An IT Service-Based Modeling Approach by Sean Gu

A solid, intelligently presented, and research-based compendium…

Gu’s meticulously detailed debut is a simplicity-driven, pragmatic approach to the world of enterprise solution architecture. Divided into five comprehensive chapters, the book sheds light on core aspects of the enterprise solution system architecture, with emphasis on IT service-oriented, holistic approach. Loaded with advice from Gu’s twenty-five years of experience leading a multitude of large enterprise solution projects both in the US and China, the book provides a modeling approach that can be applied to many different architecture styles, including component-based monolithic application, enterprise integration architecture, internally service-oriented application among others. Gu writes in jargon-free, accessible prose and uses sharp ideas to drive his points home. The book employs agile thinking while focusing on application architecture, business architecture, technical architecture, and holistic architecture. Full of practical insights, information, walk-through case studies, and anecdotes garnered from Gu’s career in international business, manufacturing, and healthcare, the book will help both students and professionals in the field. This all-inclusive learning tool is the one book readers will want as a staple in their libraries.


An IT Service-Based Modeling Approach

By Sean Gu

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Pub date March 18, 2021

ISBN 978-0578830971

Price $18.68 (USD) Paperback

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