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Chrome Mountain by Ben Schneider

Chrome Mtn Cover Art


A fast and fun ride…

Trey Radisson, a genius scientist, has a brilliant future ahead of him until he invents a marvelous technology and destroys it out of fear of harming humanity. Sonya McCall has left the biker-gang-life behind, but they are not ready to let her go. Escaping separate enemies, they meet by chance and fight together for their survival. Good characterization and fast narrative keep the reader turning pages. Sonya’s fearless attitude, Trey’s geek personality, and the chemistry they share combined with the light tone of the book makes it a fun read. Schneider employs futuristic science technology in the plotting without a maze of technical mumbo jumbo and keeps the plot simple and uncomplicated. A dash of religion will make the Christian readers happy.


Chrome Mountain

by Ben Schneider

Outskirts Press

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PUB DATE May 31, 2018

ISBN 978-1478799252

PRICE $16.90 (USD)


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