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Hælend’s Ballad by Ian V. Conrey

A triumphant debut…

Conrey’s spellbinding debut is marked with darkness, individual struggles, and political intrigue. It’s been sixteen years since Sunder was invaded by brutal forces of Daecland. After losing his father to a brutal ambush, the young Arnon Greystrom is forced to take on his father’s role as a Dark Horse. But the enemy forces are too large and strong. Geoffrey, a husband and father, is tired of constant uncertainty and bloodshed but joins the militia to fulfil his duty toward his motherland. The gentle and vulnerable Eirun finds herself on the run after accidentally killing her master. With their fates tied to Soren, a young orphan, who has drowned and come back to life in a foreign land, they all are led on a whirlwind journey into unknown. Conrey’s fantasy world is morbidly gripping and enriched by darkness, intrigue, and poignant emotions and enlivened by bloody action. Conrey adeptly weaves the political upheaval around his large cast of intriguing characters into the love and loss in their lives. He does a first-rate job of propelling the plot along while simultaneously revealing the layers of his protagonists’ troubled backstories. The relationship between his various characters is sketched with precision and skill, and the crisp, evocative prose and expert pacing elevate this above most other dark fantasy novels. Along the way, Conrey delves into complex themes of abuse, violence against children and women, honor, integrity, duty, responsibility, and power of forgiveness. There is plenty of violence and bloodshed, making it unsuitable for the faint of heart. Gritty and well-constructed, this makes a rich treat for lovers of dark fantasy.

Hælend’s Ballad

By Ian V. Conrey

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Pub date November 30, 2021

ISBN 9781736880623

Price $6.28 (USD) Kindle edition

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