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The Morbid Museum by James Pack

Disturbing and touching and horrifyingly convincing…

Pack explores the dark and twisted world of death, mystery, and macabre in his grim latest, a collection of short stories. Divided into three sections, the book transports the reader into a high-stake world of sinister secrets, brutal killings, scary monsters, sinister madmen, and chaos. The twin brothers in “Jesse’s Lament” share more than their mother’s womb. In “The Puppet Maker,” a little boy finds his life turning upside down after a shocking revelation breaks his family apart. The young protagonist of “The Puppet Maker” goes on a killing spree in “Insanity Kills.” The sick madman of “The ghosts inside” is wounded to see his illusions shattered. Suffused with a rich understanding of human darkness and light, “The Hearing” tells devastating tale of a man who loses his identity to a cruel scientific experiment and realizes the world is unable to look beyond his appearance. Pack balances the bloody action in “National Paranormal Investigative Agency” with moments of dark humor. Unsettling and visceral, this is a page-turner.

The Morbid Museum

By James Pack

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Pub date

ISBN 9781079392968

Price $11.99 (USD) Paperback, $2.34 Kindle edition

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