Grasp of the Night (Grasp, #1) by Sadaf Zulfikar

Intriguing and haunting…

Zulfikar combines elements of occult horror and thriller while delving into loss of innocence, grief, guilt, and mortality in her latest. After losing her family, real identity, and memory, Alice is living alone, with the fear of the unknown constantly weighing her down. When she meets Derek, an immediate spark ignites a strange attraction between the two. But Derek is her neighbor’s boyfriend, and Alice owes her heart to a man from her past. When Grasp, a demonic cult, sets their eyes on Alice, she knows the time has come for her to unravel her past. An intriguing premise, plenty of twists, and cast of deeply flawed characters—the deeply troubled Derek, Steph with her waspish anger, and Rave, with her enduring guilt—will keep readers invested. The gloomy, haunting setting and well-integrated thriller elements will delight and entertain supernatural thriller readers. The winding, loosely plotted storyline gets confusing at times, and the shocking, disheartening ending may disappoint some readers. Nonetheless, this grim, often unnerving story makes for an impressive read.

Grasp of the Night

(Grasp, #1)

By Sadaf Zulfikar

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White Falcon Publishing

Pub date February 5, 2021


Price $3.06 (USD) Kindle edition, $9.99 Paperback

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