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Fluffy’s Revolution by Ted Myers



Myers delivers this thoroughly entertaining story with wry humor bolstered by a high-action plot, swift narrative, and a fully gratifying ending…

A group of super-intelligent GAB (Genetically Altered Brain) cats, dogs, and mice; compassionate humans; a bunch of bad guys; and the dystopian earth for the setting frame Ted Myers’ science fiction novella. A by-product of genetic tinkering by humans, GAB animals’ brilliant brain, which is capable of communicating nonverbally and telekinesis (ability to manipulate physical objects without touching) become the literal cause of systematic extermination of their whole species. Jeremiah Epps, a powerful world corporation leader, wants to eradicate the entire population of GAB animals from the earth while animal activists and revolutionaries join forces to fight for equal rights. Fluffy, a GAB feline, leaves the safety of her home to find her long-lost brother and join the revolutionaries in their fight against GAB extermination. But she finds herself entangled in a much bigger problem that could put the earth’s very existence in jeopardy. Working with their human friends, will fluffy and other GAB animals succeed in averting the impending doom? Myers brings a load of fun and entertainment to this dystopian animal tale with his swift narrative and engaging plotting. A typical dystopian theme with all the necessary framework can render a story overfilled feel, but Myers shows the best and worst sides of humanity without overstuffing the usual elements of dystopian fiction. The setting of the twenty-second century feels plausible without straining the imagination. The characterization stays on thin side as high action secures the heart of the plot. The characters: GAB animals are charming nonetheless. Though a grim theme of mass annihilation of pets lies at the heart of the story, the tone of the book is extremely light. Animal protagonists’ wry humor, unbeatable intelligence, and an uncanny ability to communicate nonverbally combined with fast-paced happenings render the books amusement galore. Shorter themes of non-violence, redemption, and power of friendship, love, and acceptance add perspective to the story. The book will appeal equally to adults as well as young adult readers. As the book explores romance and the mature theme of love-making (in passing only), parental guidance is needed for children younger than twelve. The fast pace of the story and constant action will leave readers yearning for a series featuring the same cast. A compelling read.


Fluffy’s Revolution

by Ted Myers

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Black Rose Writing

PUB DATE March 28, 2019

ISBN 9781684332311

PRICE $15.95 (USD)


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